Monday, November 23, 2009

CSI:NY Favorite Quotes

So this is my first blog, and i'm going to leave you all with a few of my favorite quotes from CSI: NY (my favorite TV show)

"Why beat someone with a shotgun when you could just shoot them?"
- Stella Bonasera

Danny: "Thank's for confusing us."
Adam: "You're welcome."

"Holy boob job Batman."
- Aiden

"What the kill kinda car are you?"
- Flack

"Me? I don't pity you, Darius. There's lots of people with worse stories than yours and they never hurt anyone. You killed twelve people in two states over the last seventy-two hours, and you want me to feel sorry for you because your daddy didn't kiss you when you were a baby? You asked for my help, I did help you. You're where you belong. [Pause] Rot in hell you son of a bitch."
- Mac

Flack: "You play poker?"
Stella: "Occasionally. You have a problem with that?"
Flack: "Yeah. You're physically incapable of keeping a straight face."
Stella: "Really?"
Flack: "Now Mac. There's a man with a poker face. Who knows what he's thinking?"

Mac: "I hate zombies."
Stella: "Yeah, they spoil all the fun don't they?"

"Put it this way: If a dishwasher and a porta-potty ever mixed it up, this thing would be their offspring."
- Flack

"Stop busting my friggin' onions and fill me in on the dead guy behind you."
- Danny

"You're under arrest for the murder of Derek James,Lauren Salinas, kidnapping and attempted murder of a crime scene investigator, armed robery, grand theft auto, assult and battery. But most of all, for pissing me off."
- Mac

If you want to see more quotes please let me know because i have a bunch :)
thanks for reading. i will write again later.

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